The Costa Brava is an immense paradise in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula where the strength of its geology and flora is combined with the tranquility of its blue and transparent waters. This mixture makes this environment a haven of peace, tranquility and beauty.

The sea on the Costa Brava offers countless opportunities for enjoyment. From the roads of Ronda, a network of walking paths that border the coast and from where you can appreciate the wonderful views over the Mediterranean, to the small beaches or coves that are formed where you can enjoy its clean and crystal clear waters.

Sports lovers are also lucky because of the variety of activities offered to those who visit: sailing, diving, surfing, ..., among others.

Likewise, the sea is a source of natural wealth that offers innumerable gastronomic gifts. One way to appreciate its splendor is to visit the port of Palamós and its museum to become familiar with the importance that the sea has had and has in this area and the people who inhabit it.

And we can not separate the sea from its own history, and proof of it, are the innumerable vestiges that can be visited and that give proof of the importance of the sea in towns that inhabited its coasts and the interior of the Costa Brava. Just as a reference, various historical remains of Iberian settlements or the countless medieval towns that remain, almost intact, in its geography.